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An Effective Parenting

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



An individual’s character, nature all depends on his upbringing by their parents.

An individuals character, nature all depends on his upbringing by their parents. And I think the upbringing of a child is the most delicate and complex responsibility of a parent. Feeding or providing everything to them does not make you a responsible parent. It is very important to mold your child in such a personality where they can understand the basic difference between what is right and wrong. Thus, educating a child can somewhat be taken for granted, the molding of personality and character is the prime duty of any parent.


We often say that a child is a reflection of their parents. And it is not possible that a child abide all the values and core beliefs by their own. It is their parents duty to make them grow in such an environment. And parenting is not at all an easy task; it is a hard responsibility for any parent. Therefore, Bhagavad Gita guides an effective parenting. It is the real lifeline of our existence, teaching us not just how to lead our lives but also embrace the beauty of life.


Although whatever you do is all adapted by your child, your behavior, nature, thinking everything is been captured by your child. Thus it is very important to change your perspective, spend time with elder one in your family this makes your child that you respect elders and they will also adapt these values too. Try to teach them about ancient scriptures and great souls. As we know, children are born divine. They are like a blossom flower whose texture is as delicate as children s character. Actually, anything that we read and learn today has been derived from the past. And it is necessary to put moral values in your child as well.   


Being strict or being lenient does not establish an effective parenting. You must understand what your child requires, how can you bridge an age between two of them. Their wishes and wants are like drifting river, want to flow without any restriction, thus it is our duty to teach them a value system or core beliefs. While most parents tend to foster good values in children, and sometimes it becomes difficult for them to uphold these values in the society. Pressure from kin, parents and teachers sometimes sways children to doing what are not necessarily correct. Thus, the tendency to lie, cheat and hurt comes into play. There are certain ways in which you can help the children grow into more upright citizens, spend time with your child and share moral based folk stories.


Always teach your child the value of every tiny thing around them. Once they understand the importance of food, money, clothes and toys, you will notice that their wants will start to diminish, they will naturally learn to share, and a sense of responsibility would develop in them. Most importantly, always reward your child, encourage them, do not punish then when they have done something wrong instead of getting angry, try to encourage them to admit their faults. This will give them faith and confidence. Encourage the truth even if it means sidelining a bad deed. Speak gently to everyone around; tell the truth always because a change in you helps your children to groom up as a gentle person. You will find these traits become a part of yours childs personality easily too.


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