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In Mahabharata, Draupadi was born by a Yagya performed by her Father Draupad to take revenge from Drona.

In Mahabharata, Draupadi was born by a Yagya performed by her Father Draupad to take revenge from Drona. She was born along with Dhrishtdyumma, who fought the war of Mahabharata with Pandavas.  It is said that Draupadi was an embodiment of Goddess Shree or wealth who was joint wife to five Indras, the Five Pandavas. As we have seen in Mahabharata that how Draupadi had to marry all five Pandavas, was this a destiny? Why she did not say anything to this? There are many questions that might be rising in your mind too. Today I am going to explain you that why Draupadi had to married with five Pandavas?

Arjun won Draupadi as her wife in a Swayammvar and when he went to his mother along with his brothers and Draupadi and calls his mother and said “Look what we have got”. As Mata Kunti who was praying at that moment, without looking what exactly it is, and announces” Whatever Arjun has got should be equally distributed amongst the Five brothers. And this is how Draupadis Destiny was written and she had to marry all the five Pandavas. However, when Kunti realizes that it is a bride, she got upset to have said those words; the Pandavas would have to obey her every word. And she had become a wife of five husbands.

It is believed that when Kunti was accusing herself for all this situation, that time Shri Krishna comes and consoles Kunti. He then tells her that Draupadi was the wife of saint Moudgalya and her name was Indrasena. Due to Leprosy her husband died early, and see did penance in front of Lord Shiva to endow her a husband with 14 Desired qualities. Shiva pleased with her devotion, and told her that it would be very difficult to get a husband with 14 qualities that she desired. And Lord Shiva granted a boon of 14 husbands in her next birth.

The 14 qualities that she wanted were all available in five Pandavas. She was embraced with these qualities in her five husbands as Yudhisthar for his wisdom of Dharma; Bheem for his power and strength that exceeded that of thousand elephants combined; Arjun for his courage and knowledge of the battlefield; Nakul for his charming look and Sahdeva for their Love.  Hence all the qualities have been found in her five husbands and this was a boon which was given by the hard penance of Draupadi in her previous birth.

According to Narad Puran and Vayu Puran, Draupadi took important Avatars. She was to be born several times for imprisoning the Indras:

First Avatar was as Vedavati who cursed Ravana (Who is another goddess Avatar Swaha, wife of Agni).

She then came again as Maya-Sita especially to take revenge from Ravana while Agni hid real Sita.

Third one was partial either Damyanti (whose husband Nala was equivalent to Dharma, Vayu, Indra just like the Pandavas).

Fourth one was when she married Sage Moudgalya.

The fifth avatar was Draupadi herself. 

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