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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Spirituality is what that directly connects our soul with the God.

Spirituality is what that directly connects our soul with the God. It is an effective practice which has been considered as a true source to understand the power of God. But there are hundreds of religions that make us to forget that one spirituality. If an individual born in any particular religion, then he has to follow all the spiritual activity related to that Religion. Therefore, Spirituality is Chosen while religion is often times forced. Here, I am not saying to quit your religion, I am just trying to establishing a meaning of True Spirituality.


We all are bounded in such a restricted mentality that we never gave a chance to understand a spirituality which has been a prominent factor for humanism. We have to come out of the shadow of religion and should eliminate the difference between caste, creed and Religion and follow a path of true spirituality. Spirituality itself means an evolution of a spirit, and spirit has no religion. Then why we wander in search of spirituality in religion. A true spirituality is what that is found deep inside you. It is your way of loving, accepting and relating to the world and people around you. It cannot be found in temple, Mosques and Church, because it is in our soul.



It is true that Religion is inevitable. The origin of spirituality is established by a religion. You are engaged in a spiritual activity with a start kick of your specific religion. Both, Spirituality and Religion takes you to the path of God, but the difference is in their approach. Religion tells you that God is in temple, or in heaven, while, spirituality clearly specifies that God is in our own heart, it is in our soul.


Religion is often concerned with Sin, guilt and the concept of a God who punishes. While, Spiritual approach to God is through the path of love. The theory of love in Spirituality is not only to take love but the more you give, the more you come close to your soul. Religion is often about loyalty to institutions, traditions and rules. But Spirituality is about loyalty to justice and compassion. Religion talks about God but Spirituality help us to make us godly. Religion feeds the ego while Spiritual makes you transcend.


Through, this blog, we could reach into a mental status where Spiritualism leads us to the path of harmony and unity among the religion. There is only one god then why we are making feign that we are from a specific religion. There is no need to surrender or abandon the self, only the need to place it in its proper relationship with Self. 

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