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Life style in metro cities has become too busy and full of hustle-bustle. Situation has become too critical for both whether

Life style in metro cities has become too busy and full of hustle-bustle. Situation has become too critical for both whether it is male or female. It’s true that now we do not have enough time for our family. Unfortunately, most of the daily rituals which we used to do are now almost thrown in the towel that could play a prominent role for boosting up the positive environment.

Generally we all consider that our house is a place where we get real happiness. Every evening we return back from office to our home with the hope of getting peace and happiness. But the question with our busy schedule, can we maintain the peaceful environment at our home? Answer could be in “Yes….” But with some conditions. If you are persist, there are very subtle things that can be helpful for uplifting our family environment very smoothly.

Spending a little more time with family members can enhance a lot of your internal happiness. It is true that a healthy relationship between you and your family could be a base for uplifting your creativity and concentration towards other tasks. Let’s ascertain that how can we boost a healthy relation between you and your family member and a cool environment at home.

Start your morning with spirituality –

Morning time is a very busy time. Everyone wants to start their morning with something good. And if we start our day with spirituality, that could be a better way. For a refreshing morning; you can play some spiritual hymns, Mantras or bhakti songs according to your choice. The spiritual music and lyrics vibrates the whole environment and makes it peaceful in a better way. It takes your frustration, tensions and depression and swept it away from your mind. It makes you calm and cool for providing you stamina to endure the whole day’s fatigue.


Cooking and serving- a better way to feel them special –

Cooking is another best way to show your love and affection. If you are a working women then spare some time for preparing lunch you’re your children. May be you do not have much time for spending with your children then “lunch” can be a prominent way to  build a strongest bond between you and the children. It will not take a lot of time.  For your naughty and sweet child you can prepare a healthy fruit salads, yummy sandwiches, cookies, etc.  And yes… the most important thing garnish it with creativity in an attractive manner.  And make it a lovely way to convey your message of love to your child. 

On the other hand for teenage children, wife or husband, you can make their morning special by serving tea or coffee. But you have to prepare it in a different way than usually. You can add some leaves of holy basil, cardamom or ginger to make it healthy and delicious. Sometimes preparing tea or coffee for your loved ones feels them special. It is the easiest way to spread smile on their face.   


Going market -  

Going market can be another way to spend some time with your family. It can be for anything, like for purchasing clothes, groceries or vegetables or just window shopping. On Sundays you can make a whole week’s menu for breakfast, lunch and supper and can add everyone’s suggestions in it. Taking their advices, suggestion is the simple way of interacting with each other and way of sharing some tiny incidents, thoughts, and messages. During the purchasing you can get a plenty of time for sharing which usually you do not get. Sometimes it brings most joyful moments.


Take part in household work-

It must be a responsibility of every family member to take care of each other whether its husband-wife, brother-sister, mummy-daughter or son-father. If we notice that there is work load on a particular family member, we must help them to make the work easy. It can be anywhere; in kitchen, in house cleaning, in personal work or in office work.

Keep patience –

Sometimes situation becomes too hard and seems difficult to handle in a better way. It is the time to maintain a great patience. The situation could be critical if the matter arise between husband-wife, parents and teenage children and sometimes could be financially. Due to lack of patience, it could transfer into a worst condition. But upholding patience and calmness it could be solved by love and affection without spoiling the sweetness of relation

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