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It’s a Unconditional Love

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Before starting, I would like to ask that do you have a dog or do you love your dog? If your answer is,

Before starting, I would like to ask that do you have a dog or do you love your dog? If your answer is, “Yes” then another question arises, have you ever been excited or curious about posting your dog’s adorable photos on facebook, twitter or any other social site?, do you care your dog to the degree that you sometimes you forget yourself and call “mommy” or “daddy” during pamper? If there is something like that then it’s too good…because the bond between humans and dog is more intense than our bond with any other.


Those who love their dog can understand well that it is great experience while you are walking through the door and being greeting with that unconditional love that our pets gives us. It’s really quite simple because people really love their dogs; sometimes, almost as much as they love their children.


Dogs with their innocent face show us a lot of emotions full of love, curiosity and anxiety.  Why they are like this??? Because they do not possess human brain which is able to think and calculate. But they are the owner of a heart which is stuffed by just love and compassion. It is a universal truth that true Love does not happen on any condition or expectations.


Your pet really does not care if you are a celebrity, five star culinary artists, a famous politician, artist etc. or if you are a servant, poor, rickshaw puller etc.   they do not change their behavior according to your profession or status but they love you because you are “YOU….”


They are not able to speak but their action shows everything. In case, if they get hurt by you; they would not complain but show their pain by silence. They do not smile but express their happiness by waging of tail. Whenever you call them with lovable gesture or name, they would come with tremendous excitement by forgetting their anger in  a few seconds.


They are your best friend at the time of adversity, stress or crisis. Whenever you feel lethargic and think that nobody love and care for you, at that time your pets can play a prominent role to make you feel up. You always have a snuggle partner to make you feel better. Dog loves to put their head in your lap.


Contemporary world is full of gadgets but unlike them you will never get tired of a dog. They are too innocent and naughty. Sometimes they could tear your shoes, newspaper, clothes etc. and after that try to hide themselves behind the chair, under the bed or in the corner. But when they realize that they have done something wrong with you, they would come in front of you in apologizing manner.  


To train a puppy is challenging, but they are so adorable. It’s a nice feeling when you fall in love with your dog. Dogs wait at the door when they know you are about to return home. They dance for you with excitement when they see you. And very amazing thing is that even if you are so busy that you don’t the time for your dog and the attention he deserve, he’ll still madly wait for you to come home because He loves you unconditionally. 


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