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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Summers are banging on this year with hot and ferocious heat.

Summers are banging on this year with hot and ferocious heat. This is just a beginning as June has come with the grueling heat which has become unbearable for everyone. And this temperature will keep on rising till the sweltering stage. You might get coolness in AC and coolers but eventually you have to face heat when you go outside. Thus, it is very important to keep yourself cool from inside. As we know, summers comes along with many diseases, we eventually face problems in a continue phase. Dehydration, sweating, skin rashes, sunburns, acne, diarrhea and many other skin allergies like diseases have been seen in summers.  So today, we will share some important tips which could help you to beat the heat this summer and make a balance of mind and body and enjoy its positive sides.  

According to Ayurveda, the ancient science of natural health, it has been considered that when things are heating up outside, then we should find out the ways to cool down inside i.e.., physically, mentally and emotionally. There are some ways that might help you to keep you cool in this summer.

Bath with cool Water

In summers, a bath in cool water make your whole day cool and refresh.  This is the first thing that you do in the morning. So begin your day with a bath in cold water. You can also add some fresh dried leaves of mint and boil for half an hour. Then strain the liquid water and let it cool down. After taking your bath, apply this liquid on your entire body. As we know mint has cooling and refreshing effects on the skin and this makes your day refreshing and gives you strength to face ferocious heat outside.

Lifestyle that helps you to face summers

Pitta-aggravating activities such as overworking, busy life, work load and this grueling heat making your summer worst. So emphasize activities that have a cooling influence, both emotionally and physically. Go out for vacations, this might bring a change in your routine lifestyle; enjoy the time with your family at a hill station. Try to manage all your official work at office only, and give a quality time to your family and friends. A walk in the moonlight would also be soothing to your mind.


Drink healthy and cool beverages

We usually drink Coke or Pepsi to cool down in summer. But, these beverages contain carbonate which is unhealthy for you. It will not only impair your digestion but also harm your immunity system. It is better to have fresh fruit juice and nectars, blended and stored at room temperature, and then drink. The fruit juices that are recommended in summers are Grape juice, water melon shakes, mango shake, eat melons, berries, and lassi, bhel sharbat, aam panna and saatu are also considered as the healthy beverages in summers. You should drink a lot of pure cool water to replenish body moisture lost to heat during summer. And most importantly these beverages keep your body hydrated in these summers. 


Add light Food in your diet

It is very important to eat healthy and light food in summers. Include a lot of fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Among fruits melons, pears, cherries, grapes and mangoes are beneficial. And in vegetables, eat broccoli, bottle guard, karela, and other green vegetables. Add cucumber in your salads. Try to avoid spicy and sour foods in summer. If you want to use spices then have some cooling one like mint, fennel, anise and cardamom.


Yoga & Exercise

It is very essential to do a regular exercise. You can add a spice in your practice by adding new exercise or can say change according to the season. Like, swimming is a healthy and wonderful exercise for summers as it is not only helps you to strengthening body muscles but also it is a cooling and soothing for body too. Morning walks in the park and evening round in garden are another relaxing method for the body. A lot of people who do yoga love Bikrams hot yoga, but I would encourage switching to a cooler type during the heat of summer.  Specific yoga postures and breathing exercises are more cooling than others.


Protect yourself from the Sun

Most importantly, you should protect yourself from the sun. To protect yourself from sunburns use a good sunscreen. Use cucumber water to hydrate the skin and experience a cooling effect when you face when you face the scorching heat of summer. Cover yourself when you go out in the sun. Take yourself an umbrella and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun rays. Always keep glucose or a water bottle along with you as dehydration might be found in you in summers.


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