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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Music is not only the medium to entertain, but it has also the healing power which can easily heal your sad mood into positive and energetic mood.

Music is not only the medium to entertain, but it has also the healing power which can easily heal your sad mood into positive and energetic mood. Music is a magic which has the ability to escort your problems. As you know, we listen music according to our mood like if are sad, we prefer slow music, if are happy, we listen rock music which boost our energy to another level. It understands our feelings. There are variations in music which sets our mood. But have you ever think about music as a therapy for many diseases. Yes, Music can be used as a treatment which only has a positive effect.

Music therapy has been invoked as a treatment for many diseases like cancer, depression, mental disorder etc. These diseases defiantly require proper medical treatment but music therapy has been used in order to make a patient feel nurtured and cared. It creates an environment that can be suited according to your feelings. It is very important to become strong not physically but mentally as well. When these grueling diseases trapped you then it becomes difficult to come out of it. And here, Music plays a part of its role by trying to set the mood of patient. And among these diseases, Depression is the one which require a music therapy the most.     


Music is central to maintaining human bonds especially with those patients who lost the ability to initiate communication or to respond verbally. And in Depression, a person goes into a state where he/she cannot be able to express their feelings to anyone. They hardly talk to anyone which takes one into a depression. It happens due to excess stress on an individual and which cannot be bearable for them. Thus, here music is the best therapy for depression because it combines traditional talk therapy with listening to music or creating it, may work to eliminate depression in several ways.

In depression, people cannot be able to talk easily and they resist themselves to share what they feel. Therefore, music may play a vital role to make them feel comfortable. Playing instrument helps a depressed person to express their feelings through music. It provides interaction without verbal communication. Or listening to soothing music can also be able to bring the relaxing mood and trash away the feelings which are troubling them. It has been seen that sharing a musical experience with a therapist –playing or listening helps them to feel comfortable in discussing their problems and feelings.

According to a therapist, music has been used to make the patient to share thoughts and feelings that arise with the music by playing or listening. It helps to develop their problems that are hidden deep inside. In this therapy, people listens music while meditating, or while doing some creative work. This process allows patients to improve their mood and develop their relaxation skills. The therapist selects instruments and music based on each patients individual preferences. Thus, Music therapy allows an individual to express their feelings and helps them to live a stress free life. And Music is actually a real magic whose sweetness melts from your ears to deep inside your heart. 

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