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Independence Day of India: 15 August 2013

Monday, 03 October 2016 19:53



“This is the day, That Our nation sings …This is the day That the liberty bell starts to ring … This is the day We all start to remember What We stand for and to celebrate our Independence..
“This is the day, That Our nation sings …This is the day That the liberty bell starts to ring … This is the day We all start to remember What We stand for and to celebrate our Independence We stand up high, as We All start to cry As we think about, All that died For”

The Indian Independence Day is observed on the 15th August every year, because on that day of year 1947, India won its freedom from the ‘British Raj’ after about 200 years.

It is the golden lettered day, on which the schools and government and private offices remain closed. Early in the morning, the young students sing in chorus the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ with flute and drum and marching together in processions. Tiranaga is hoisted in the houses, schools, colleges, and offices.

People assemble in public places to hoist the Tiranga and leaders give their patriotic speeches promising to save the sovereignty and integrity of the country. The great sacrifice of great Indian leaders who dedicated their valuable lives for the cause of the India's freedom in the past, is reverently remembered.

The feeling of freedom is incomparable to anything else so it is the greatest day for the country India and its people. It is a great day for India. In Delhi, Prime Minister of India addresses millions of Indian and honor Indian military and people from all over Country. Different parts of the country and also from abroad gather to listen to the annual speech of the Prime Minister of India.

The national flag ‘The Tricolour’ is hoisted by the Prime Minister of the country at 'The Red Fort', with the national anthem sung vocally as well as played on musical instruments. A salute of 31 guns is fired flower petals are showered from the sky through the military helicopters.

Large and decorated processions composed of people from different regions and culture pass by the Red Fort in a disciplined manner representing the feeling of brotherhood between all kind of culture and people. The charming march of the army personnel's and also that of the school boys and girls who sing and dance as they march forward, are special attractions. It is, no doubt, a wonderful sight of true national spirit.

Every Indian must take an oath on the Independence Day to remain loyal and patriotic and to save his beloved motherland from any outside attack or humiliation, even at the cost of his life. And we must also feel at heart that all the Indians are our brothers and sisters, and accordingly, we must love and respect them.
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