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Conflict in mind

Monday, 03 October 2016 19:54



Our daily life is going to be confined among the home, office, metro, and computer/mobile and all..

Our daily life is going to be confined among the home, office, metro, and computer/mobile and all other things like this. We do not have time to think about our inner soul, to conversation with our intuition. We are just moving on with the thought of “success” at any cost. Our mind has become money making mind. It’s not a wrong thing if you want to earn money but at which coast you are going to get it that is the question????? If we are going to lose our inner peace cause of success then there is no value of it. We generally thought that the success leads to the joy but there is a subtle difference between success and joy. “Success” leads you to material comfort whereas joy is the happiness of your soul. It’s not necessary that success will leads you to inner peace. It should be balance between your success and inner peace. Spirituality leads you to inner peace. In today’s time, it’s hard to find out spiritual inclination basically in our youths. We generally consider that there is no need to be spiritual till then senility. Sometime we also think like that to be spiritual means contain the backward thoughts in such a modern lifestyle where everyone prefers scientific logics. No, instead of it spirituality lifts you as a wise person who can easily balance between the inner and outer world without getting upset.

Today’s world is full of tension and stuff with negativity when we read about in the newspaper, saw on the television or heard from someone. It was the kind of stuff that pulls at your emotions like the breaking news story of a missing woman being found murdered, the tragedy of a child being killed by a hit or a devastating tsunami killing thousands and paralyzing a country. It’s all type of news makes us so tired. To overcome this entire situation we want something peaceful. The quest of searching peace leads us toward the scripture and spirituality.

 All the Vedas manifest the source of inner happiness which we never could get by the physical success. Geeta is one of the great scripture. It manifests all questions in proper way. Being spiritual means when you feel sad, lost, depressed or hopeless you go looking for the answer to why you are that way. Its sounds simplistic but if you have ever felt curious, and then you are inclined toward spirituality. Success is mind based whereas spirituality is heart based. Spirituality is infinite. Spirituality comes from the heart and is the deep desire to feel love. The spiritual life is something that is natural and normal. The spiritual life is normal and natural precisely because it knows its source. Its source is god the infinite light and god the eternal truth.

When we follow the spiritual life, we come to feel that a life of peace. We come to feel that a life of love, the love that expands, need not always remain a far cry. Everything that fulfils us divinely and supremely, we can achieve and claim as our very own if we follow the spiritual life. Right now peace, light and bliss in abundant measure but in infinite measure. And we can achieve and treasure these divine qualities in the inmost recesses of our hearts. When we practice the spiritual life soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally, we try to bring to the force the divinity that we all have.

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