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Why do we offer Mustard oil to Shani Dev

Monday, 03 October 2016 19:54



Shani Dev is a God of Justice. He judges all the humans by their doings (Karmas). Many people believed that Shani Dev punishes very hard to those who commit wrong karma. His Saade saati is sad to be a..
Shani Dev is a God of Justice. He judges all the humans by their doings (Karmas). Many people believed that Shani Dev punishes very hard to those who commit wrong karma. His Saade saati is sad to be a period when a person is been judged by Shani dev. During this period, a person goes through the tough time when he faces obstacle in terms of health problem, stress, and lots of challenges in career. This Saade saati lasts for 7 and half years. And during that time, an individual is advised to impress Shani Dev and win his heart. It is believed that by offering mustard oil on the shrine of Shani Dev, one can get rid from all the adverse effects of saade saati.  But have you ever tried to find out the reason behind donating oil to Shani Dev especially on Saturdays.

According to the Mythological Epic, Once upon a time during sunset, Lord Hanuman was busy in praying his deity Ram near Ram Setu. Shani dev also visited there to check Hanuman would bow in front of him or not. But Lord Hanuman was totally lost in Lord Ram’s adoration and did not see Shani Dev coming near to him. With this attitude, Shani dev thought when all devtas give me respect, then why this “Vanar” was not bowing down. Shani Dev got displeased and said to Hanuman Ji “I am the powerful God Shani Dev. I heard about you that you are also very powerful, so I want to test your will and power. Open your eyes and fight with me.”

In reply, Lord Hanuman ji opened his eyes and said “Right now I am meditating upon my lord. Please go somewhere else. Don’t disturb me.” Daily during sunset, Lord Hanuman used to take rounds of Ram Setu. But on that day, Shani Dev had planned to defeat him by his powers. Shani Dev held the hand of lord Hanuman and challenged him to fight with him. By refusing many times, Hanuman Ji Stretched out his tail and started draping it around Shani Dev. Slowly he tightened the coiled tail. Shani Dev tried to get free from his coiled tail but he could not. Lord Hanuman moved his tail up and down hitting him against the wall of the bridge.

Shani Dev was in extreme pain and the wounds started bleeding.  When the pain was becoming unbearable, he requested to him “Release me. I will never commit a similar mistake again.” On that Hanuman Ji replied “If you promise me that you shall never afflict Ram’s devotees then I will let you go.” And Shani Dev promised the same. When he became free, asked to Hanuman ji, “Could you give me some oil to relieve my Pain?” Then Hanuman ji gave the mustard oil to him, after the spread of oil on his body, his pain was relieved immediately. Since then it becomes a custom to offer oil to Shani dev. It is symbolic of soothing his pain. He feels satisfied and this makes Shani Dev happy and he blesses the devotee.

Therefore it is said that on Saturdays, go to peepal tree and pour mustard oil on the tree branch. It is believed that Peepal tree is a symbol of Shani bhagwan and by worshiping this tree before sunrise impresses Shani Dev.  As shani dev loves mustard oil. But apart from these customs, Shani Dev also impresses with honest people. You should be honest in your life. Avoid bribing or hurting others.   

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