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Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The question is then why is he called Krishna? The answer is because word Krishna means “he who attracts everyone” and also because Shree Brahma the creator of the physical universe called him Krishna when he prayed to his creator for guidance in creating this physical creation. Krishna is also known as Parbrahma Krishna, Aksharaitita Krishna, Purna Purusottam, Supreme Father, Paramatama, Paramtattav, and Raj Shyma. There is no other being above and beyond Krishna. Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared on Earth as the 8th avatar in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). His appearance occurred in Indian 5,000 years ago and he remained on earth for 125 years playing like a human being while establishing righteousness and dharma.

What makes the appearance of Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead so unique is that while all the other avatars were of Shree Vishnu, Shree Brahmaji, or Shree Sankar in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), the 8th avatar was of Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna himself. Please note that Parbrahma and Brahma do not take birth through mother womb, they just appear. There are different types of avatars that can happen—Avesh, Ansha, Anshansh, Maryada, and Purna. 

Avesh avatar is entering of any of the avatar into a form of certain human for certain time and certain purpose. The word Ansha means expansion of vibhuty as continual fractional power as a divine personality or form. Vibhuty is a different energy of Brahma combining to create a swaroop (form). Anshansh is an expansion of Ansha avatar. Maryada avatar is usually an expansion of Brahma. Purna avatar is the Supreme Personality of Godhead himself in his total opulence and power. All other avatars have some limitation in the opulence and power, but not the Purna avatar
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