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"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa
Should you not share your BHAKTE [devotion] with anyone else?
An interesting question indeed!
I would love to answer this question with the help of my own example as follows.
I had done BA [major] in Geography from the University of Pune in 1987 having topped the university with an outstanding performance in the chosen subject. Later, I joined different jobs. Then, somewhere along the timeline, I quit my job as an inspector of customs and central excise with the Indian Government in 2001 due to various reasons.
I took up a 2 years’ course in Geography, specializing in the Economic Geography from the University of Pune. I finished it with a distinction in 2003. On 18th of July, 2003, I checked the results of this 2 years’ course with the Examination-Results Window of the university and was told that the individual who scored 70.6% [1412] marks was the topper in the said course, followed by the next candidate with 1408 marks.
I checked the list of the successful candidates put up on the notice board of the Department of the Geography inside the campus of the University of Pune. My joy knew no bound when I saw my name as the topper and being only one of the two candidates who had secured a Distinction in the subject! All other students had secured just a first class or less, i.e., 70%-60% and less than 60% marks. The news found its way in the Pune edition of “The Indian Express” newspaper, too. Happily, I left Pune for my home.
But, on 31st of July, 2003, something appeared to have gone fishy in the University, the result was changed in favour of a girl candidate of SP College, declaring her the topper. This fact was brought to my notice later on by a fellow student who had read about it in the Times of India, Pune. It transpired that the SP College had till that time the monopoly of having its student as the topper in the subject. But, I had unwittingly broken this trend, as I happened to have finished my Course from another College, i.e., Padmashree Dr DY Patil College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Pimpri, Pune. So, it was told to me that the SP College had managed to get the result changed in favour of their girl student who I was further told happened to be the daughter of some prominent industrialist or such-rich person…!
I had been a follower of the Radha Soami Satsang Beas [Dera baba Jaimal Singh jee, Amritsar, Punjab] Spiritual line till then, having been initiated into it in 1996. But, after realizing the limitations of this spiritual- path, I gave it up and started worshipping the Divine Mother in 2003. My spiritual practice was going on well.
In 2004, I appealed against this manipulation of the results with Mr SM Krishna, the Chancellor of the University of Pune, then [presently the foreign minister of India], Mr Ashok Kolaskar, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Pune, then in the year 2005; later with Dr Narendra Jadhav, the new Vice-Chancellor and others in the year 2008…
No, there was no response from anyone. Not even the Padmashree Dr DY Patil College of Arts, Commerce and Science did anything to get this injustice rectified. This despite the fact that the said college had benefited immensely from my academic and intellectual output as was narrated to me by Jai Prakash Arun Jadhav, the Head of the Department of the Geography. He had thanked me verbally during our telephonic conversation, saying that my book “Geography, Economics and Economic Geography”, published in the year 2003 had helped the college secure a favourable grading from the national council for accredition of colleges! He warmly told me how the members of the council who were too curiously inspecting the college were pleased when they were shown copies of my book, stopped their searching probe and became favourable! I realized the members must have assessed the college as having the desired high quality, especially when a student like my who had just finished the Post-Graduation Course in Geography in 2003 had successfully authored and published a standard text-book on Geography in the year 2003 itself…!
The period post the post-graduation looked bright in terms of the better job prospects as a lecturer in Geography, with my plans for a Doctorate in the subject. Some of my fellow geographers of the AAG [American Association of Geographers] had accepted and agreed to circulate copies of few of my Papers in the coming historic Philadelphia session of the AAG in 2004, my geography book was appreciated by the members of the Board for the Geography of the University of Pune and seemed destined to be recommended as a text-book…The scenario for me looked dazzling…!
Suddenly, things started going wrong. I did not get a job despite me having spent nearly Rupees 3,000 on postal and other charges involved in sending the applications for jobs…! My appeal for removal of injustice regarding the change of my University results bore no fruits…!
The University of Pune failed in its duty to do a re-verification and re-evaluation of my answer-sheet in the Geography of Japan despite me having paid the requisite fees.
The University of Pune failed, also to send me my ‘Migration Certificate’ despite me having paid all the requisite fees in terms of one demand draft for Rupees 100 [Sr. No. 04/000005, KEY: PIHBAZ] and other for Rupees 150 [Sr. No.04/000004, KEY: PIHBOW], both dated 21st of October, 2004, drawn on the State Bank of India, HDFC Complex, Pune, in favour of the Registrar, University of Pune.I had submitted other documents, too: Application for Migration Certificate duly signed by the Principal, Dr DY Patil College of Arts, Commerce and science, Pimpri, Pune; the Transference Certificate dated 23/10/2004; Xerox copies of BA, DBM-I and MA [in duplicate], Xth class mark-sheet as the proof for the date of birth, Nationality/Domicile document; an Envelope with the requisite postal stamps affixed on it for registered post [self-addressed] worth Rupees 25 [since the rule number 10 of the “Instructions To Candidates For Migration Certificate” in force than stated clearly that the Migration Certificate will not be issued personally to the candidate. The same will be sent by registered post on the address given in the application for Migration Certificate...”]
Shockingly, the so-called five-star University, the University of Pune did not have any record of receipt of my applications [my seat number: 60125 and permanent registration number: GOO160107], especially the final one sent on 19th September, 2008 to the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations, University of Pune, in its inward section despite me having sent the applications through the registered post of the postal department of the Government of India…!
The only solace was that the University of Pune had re-evaluated my paper in the Agricultural Geography, with marks getting increased by 9, taking the total to 1421 marks out of 2000 marks!
…I was totally puzzled as to what had gone wrong all of a sudden. I was dismayed. However, I did not dither in my devotion towards the Divine Mother. In fact, my devotion became more intense…The positive result of which the Divine Mother gave me in the shape of enabling me to learn the SATYAA PARAMAA TATTVA JYOTEE BHAKTE YOGA…!
Now, let us come to the question posed in the beginning.
In the year 2009, I happened to meet Baabaa Raamaphala, a highly advanced reclusive Yogee living in my native place. During our chat, he said using his clairvoyance powers, “TUMANAE APANEE BHAKTE BAANTA DEE. [You have distributed/shared your devotion]”
I said, “KYAA MATALABA? [What do you mean]”
Then, he told me that years ago I had blessed a jobless person who stayed in the flat in front of ours in Pune. The blessed person indeed got the job as a result of the blessings. But, the person did not carry out the desired rituals and did not offer any worship to the Divine Mother. Consequently, the Divine Mother punished me by ensuring that I did not get a job. In the Yogee’s parlance, the Divine Mother had given away my job to that jobless person! So, I suffered!
I had taken the pity on that jobless Kannada-speaking person, since his wife had run away and he had become jobless, also…!
I remembered having blessed that jobless person in the year 2003-2004 saying, “You will get the job. Don’t worry. After getting the job, visit the temple of the Divine Mother, offer worship to her, a coconut, a…”
As a way out, I apologized to the Divine Mother and carried out all the rituals that the blessed person had not carried out…!
Baabaa Raamaphala told me that the Divine Mother would decide the fate of the blessed person, now that I had apologized and done the needful.
Thus, it is amply clear that a devotee must not bless anyone on the spur of the moment without ensuring that the blessed person actually does the needful rituals. In the ordinary Indian parlance, so to say, the devotee must ensure that the blessed person actually does offer the ALUUPHAA [Promised Offerings] to the deity or the Divine Entity…! Else, be ready to take on the negative KARMAS of the blessed person on your own head and suffer in place of the blessed person…!
That’s why, my own realization is that a devotee always must try to maintain maximum silence and not pass any positive or negative comments on anyone. Of course, in real life it is very difficult to do for most of us including even me…!
For example, while enjoying any game like that of the cricket, don’t lose your spiritual-earnings by expecting any player/side to play good or bad. Just enjoy the match with a neutral attitude. When you say, “Oh, he must now hit the ball for a six…,” the chances are that the batsman/batswoman may be able to hit it exactly for a six simply in exchange for the spiritual-earnings offered by you unwittingly…!
Similarly, you may lose your spiritual-earnings unwittingly through your comments during a conversation. For example, let us say, a neighbor is cribbing about the poor performance of her son in the academics and you suddenly blurt out, “Mrs…, Don’t worry, your son shall improve…,” again, the chances are that the neighbor’s son may actually start perform much better simply in exchange for the spiritual-earnings offered by you unwittingly in terms of your affirmative comments…!
The result may be that you keep losing your spiritual-earnings this way and one day you find none of it by your side when you really need it most for your own self…!

So, what is the way out?
Try to follow the following four GOLDEN RULES:

1. Try to maintain maximum possible silence.
2. Try always to be neutral.
3. Ensure that the blessed person does indeed pay the ALUUPHAA.
4. You may respond by saying something like this, “…Well, I can’t say anything.” Or “It is for you to decide.” Or “You decide for your own self” or “If I were in your place, I would do like this…” or “Let us enjoy the match.” Or “The Almighty knows best.”
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