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Do We Have To Go Beyond 'I'?

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa
Many of the relationship-journo, writers and experts have taken up the timely topic of as to whether we have the need to go beyond the 'I' or not...Let me however add here that the use of small 'i' doesn't necessarily reflect absence of unreasonable egoism in the user...Each word has 2 meanings: What it denotes and what it connotes...A person may use small 'i' and still can be fully 'unreasonably' egoist from deep within...So, it is not much the externalities that matter, but the internalities that matter...!
“The use of’ I’ by the prospective employee or the job-seeker in interview shows that the prospective employee or job-seeker is an extremely poor team leader!” - This may not be true in all cases, for all individuals and all situations..! This claim seems to be too over-generalized and over-simplified!
The use of’ I’ by the prospective employee or the job-seeker in interview may not necessarily show that the prospective employee or job-seeker is an extremely poor team leader In jobs like intelligence-gathering/spying, the employee may have to restrict to one's self, as one can't rely even on one's colleague sitting next, and still one can be a successful team leader.
Let us be fully honest - Each of us has the psychological need to prove ourselves, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly. That's why, I have probably written the instant article inter alia to prove to my own internal being that I have some useful thoughts to share with others. Of course, there could have been other reasons like – a deep earnest desire to help others through my views, ideas and perceptions or the universal consciousness expressing itself through my instant article and so on.
The only point is that we ought not to let such need overtake us completely or become unreasonable!
We don't have to go beyond 'I'. Without 'I', no individual shall have any incentive to do anything in life! What we need to go beyond is the 'unreasonable' use of 'i' and the unreasonable dependency on 'i'!
The practical spiritual experience shows that most of us cannot jump directly into the inner world from the 'I'. You cannot reach generally speaking the terrace from the ground without following the intermediary steps of boarding the lift or climbing up the staircase. So, the powerful 'I' has to be channelized positively instead of denying its existence! That is why it is well-said that "the self-realization is the God/Goddess/Supreme-Consciousness-realization.” Without self ['I']-realization, one cannot realize the God, Goddess or Supreme-Consciousness.
The word ‘self’ denotes the ‘I’. The word ‘selfless’ does not exclude this ‘I’. The word ‘selfless’ should mean the existence of the ‘I’ - the one that is not ‘unreasonable’.
At the risk of being labeled as me possessing the hyper-incisive insight into human nature, let me say - the 'I' is very difficult to be dumped to the level of insignificance. The 'I' is capable of resurfacing in the refined form. For example, the lady-journalists preaching to others to give up 'I' themselves are fully controlled by 'I' in the sense that these female journalists continue using their own maiden surname even after marriage to some male! Nothing wrong in this! But, then, my humble prayer is: don't preach to others to give up 'I'!
Yes, sometimes one may feel that the others don’t care for our thoughts or actions. But, this is not true fully. There indeed are people around who may care for our thoughts and actions, though we can’t and must not expect everyone to follow our thoughts and actions.
The philosophy of ‘ letting so many chosen ones to march ahead and for that, making everyone else to take a backseat’ isn’t of much worth!...If this philosophy were to be followed by everyone, there would be no Swami Vivekananda who was initially not considered of any worth even in India itself, there would be no hegemony of the Indian National Congress broken by the BJP which started with just 2 MPs and there would be no need for the anti-trust laws to make businesses compete with each other fairly and so on...!The only catch is that only 'the best' must march ahead and the non-best or better/good/worse must take the backseat!
However, it must be added here that the noise about one’s achievements must be matched with the real corresponding equal output/performance…!
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