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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa


Today, we get dismayed when we notice the mindless killing of the fellow human by a fellow human. The mass media is busy screaming daily the stories of the killings of scores of innocents in different parts of the globe due to numerous human and non-human disasters.

Then, we read and see reports about the thousands of innocent people, animals, birds and other creatures being killed by the non-human disasters like the earthquake in different parts of the Earth. Your heart gets disturbed on seeing the visuals of the helpless people being drown in the flood-waters or the mangled bits of a crashed-aeroplane with the body parts of the dead human-passengers strewn all around and so on.

It seems the whole world has become restless and consequently the peaceless. Then, we quietly switch off our TV sets, Laptops, PCs, Transistors, FMs and put the newspaper away so as not to get our blood pressure increased due to all these tension-giving media reports about the seemingly a lack of the peace in our otherwise beautiful serene world.

Being persons with a conscience, we start praying for the peace for our human race on this planet Earth. But, should we stop at praying for the peace for the humans only?


Thousands of years back, the Indian spiritual-scientists called the Reshes taught the human race to pray for the peace not only for the human race but all other entities in our world. This is shown amply by the following Verse Number 36/17 in the Yajurvaeda, through which the Reshes prayed for the peace for all the entities in the cosmos:

“Dhouuha ShanteRaAntreksham Shanteha Prthevee Shanteraapha Shanteroshhadhayha Shanteha I

Vanaspatayha ShanteRaVeshvae Daevaaha ShanteRaBrhma Shanteha Sarvm Shanteha Shanteraeva Shanteha Saa Maa Shanteraedhe II”

The meaning of the above-stated Verse is as under:

“The Peace for the Dhuloka [Heavens], the Peace for the Antreksha [Universe], the Peace for the Prthevee [Earth], the Peace for the Jala [Water], the Peace for the Auushhadhee [Herbal Medicines], the Peace for the Vanaspate [Plants], the Peace for the Daevataa [Gods/Goddesses/Deities], the Peace for the Brhma [Absolute], the Peace for the Sarva [Everything/Everyone], the Peace for the Shaante [Peace] and my this Peace may exist forever.”


1. If the peace for the Heavens [the abode of the Divine Entities] exists, we humans are benefitted, too because then these Divine Entities could help us much better instead of rather being busy solving their own peaceless state of affairs.

2. If the peace for the Universe exists, we humans stand to gain because then it would mean no need to worry about things like the meteors or the asteroids hitting our Earth and harming us or the Sun losing its heat, thereby causing loss of the precious insolation on the Earth and so on.

3. If the peace for the Earth exists, we would be spared of the calamities like the earthquake, etc.

4. If the peace for the Water exists, we would without doubt remain peaceful because this would mean surety of the drinking-water for everyone, the rainwater for our crops and consequently no peaceless problems like the Famine caused by a shortage of the food-grains, etc. and we would further be spared of the terrible problems like the furious floods.

5. If the peace for the Herbal Medicines exists, the herbal medicines would not die out and always would remain effective in wiping out the diseases from our life.

6. If the peace for the Plants exists, the plants always would live a normal life. The Plants would give us plenty of useful products and the greenery to enrich our life.

7. If the peace for the Gods/Goddesses/Deities exists, the world shall be ridden of the harmful bad astral entities and the negative energy around because then the Gods/Goddesses/Deiies would be able to focus their whole energy in fighting out these aforesaid evil forces.

8. If the peace for the Brhma [Absolute] exists, it would still be more beneficial for the whole world.

9. If the peace for Everyone in this world exists, there would be no humans-induced conflicts, skirmishes, battles, wars, killings, lootings or non-human calamities like earthquake, etc.

10. If the peace for the concept of ‘the Peace’ exists, this concept of the Peace always shall remain the prime in our life and the world. This would ensure that each and every particle or bit of the energy emitted the peace only in the world.


Dear Readers, you are requested earnestly to display the above-mentioned Peace-Verse in your Drawing Room, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Study Room, Bed Room, Halls, Classrooms, Conference-rooms, Office and public places prominently. Yours this big noble gesture may help usher in the positive vibrations for the Peace on this beautiful planet earth and in rest of the world around…!

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