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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa

The Question: 

Why do the  prophesies sometimes go wrong?

The Answer:    

Well, there could be several reasons for the prophesy going wrong. Some of  the possible reasons that I would like to call "The Five Laws of The prophesy" are given below:

1.)    The First Law:

The god/goddess/super-conscious mind is the law unto itself. No one can dare challenge the will and the actions of the god/goddess/ super-conscious mind without its own wish. The god/goddess/super-conscious mind may sometimes be changing its own mind leading to a change in the course of the predetermined events.

This entity can be thought of as the excellent master software programmer who devises master software program ( the operating system - the OS ) called by us "the destiny" to run the universe . The god/ goddess/super-conscious mind sometimes on its own and of its own sweet will upgrades this OS, thereby cancelling the happening of the predetermined event.

2.)    The Second Law:

We maanavas ( humans ) have been provided with the "conditioned free will" wherein we are free to change the course/chain/happening or otherwise  of certain destined events only within the overall broader framework of  the operating system devised by the god/goddess/super-conscious mind .

Therefore, it follows that the maanavas (humans ) sometimes through their own grit, intelligent hard work, determination  and religious/spiritual ceremonies/practices/rituals change the course/chain/happening or otherwise  of certain pre-destined events .

3.)    The Third Law:

The god/goddess/super-conscious mind may sometimes by changing the course/chain/happening or otherwise  of certain events wish to remind the messenger/maanaveeya (human) receptor that the messenger/maanaveeya (human) receptor is at the sole mercy of the god/goddess/super-conscious mind .

This helps to keep in check the ego of the messenger/maanaveeya (human) receptor from blowing up out of proportion .The operation of this law makes the messenger/maanaveeya (human) receptor realize the truth that the messenger/maanaveeya (human) receptor is not the god/goddess/super-conscious mind!

4.)    The Fourth Law:

The revelations/prophesies (as a special gift/grace from the god/goddess/super-conscious mind ) are sometimes only meant to be restricted to the messengers/ maanaeeiya (human) receptor  and not for the public circulation. Such revelations/prophesies take place only if these are not disclosed to the others .These go wrong or don't take place at all  if these are disclosed to others .

5.)    The Fifth Law:

The messengers/maanaveeya (human) receptors may themselves sometimes outright not pick up correctly the signal from the god/goddess/super-conscious mind.

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