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The Life on The Mars - The UFOs?

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa

Quite long back, one of my disciples had sat in meditation and using the Sanjeevane Vidyaa, sent/projected the cosmic energy in the form of Sanjeevane Daevee on the planet Mars and other places in the Universe. Following is what this Goddess Sanjeevane Daevee had showed to this disciple:

1. Amoeba like life form exists on the surface of the Mars. Sanjeevane had landed on Mars, taken some sand sample from the surface of Mars in her hands and indicated the existence of life there as aforesaid.

 2. She measured the length and the height [in terms of the stretch of her hands ]of an American Rover sent there, now this metallic piece is grounded and placed useless!

 3. She visited the site of the landing of Neil Armstrong on the Moon, although she did not touch its surface despite repeated requests to land on the Moon. She showed clearly the craters of the Moon.

4. The soil on the surface of the Mars is moist. When the water is drained out of the clay then the clay becomes somewhat brittle retaining some amount of water molecules/liquid/moisture into it. It is the same with the soil on the Mars.

 5. The two American rovers are stationed on an uneven surface [ubad-khaabad teellays] to the  north of the Martian Equator on the surface of the Mars. If we take the distance from the Martian equator to the Martian North Pole to be 10 points, we may say that these two are located around 2-3 points to the north of the Martian Equator.

 6. These two Rovers are in working condition, although stranded useless presently.

 7. These two Rovers resemble war-tanks [armored vehicles] used by the military. But, these are much smaller in size.

 8. These two Rovers are robots-like with arms/instruments stretching out from their metallic bodies.

 9. The color of the outer bodies of these two Rovers appear to be like the shining aluminium foil.

 10. These Rovers collect sample of the Martian soil into a Thermos Flask-like instrument.

11. These two Rovers have energy-providing cells/batteries/instruments meant to last three years, but these have run out and shall be finished within next 6-8 months' time. These energy-giving instruments have been switched off presently to conserve the energy.

 12.These two Rovers were carried onto the Martian surface by a round object out of which these two came out and went around moving like two small war-tanks on the Martian surface.

 13. A MAANAV [human being] wearing spacesuit shall land on the Martian surface and replace these worn-out energy-giving instruments with the working ones at some point of time in the future.

 14. These two Rovers have solar panels which attract the solar energy to provide these rovers with energy.

 15. The Unidentified Flying Objects [OFOs] popularly called the Flying Saucers are a reality. These UFOs come from outside our solar system and do pass by/zoom past our planet Earth.

 16. The color of the soil on the surface of the Mars is "BROWNISH RED." It isn't complete "TOMATO RED." It is more than 50% RED in color if we take the RED COLOUR to be 100%. It is not complete "POTATO BROWN." It is less than 0.9% BROWN in color if we take the BROWN COLOUR to be 100%.

 17. The height of the creatures who fly UFOs or the Flying Saucers is 6 feet & above.

 18. The creatures of the above referred UFOs look like the skeletons that we see in our school biology-laboratories.

 19. These creatures are extremely intelligent. They wear headphones the kind of which are being used currently by employees in our BPO Call centers all over the earth.

20. The Flying Saucers are orbiting the distant heavenly body/planet and look like having formed a ring around that planet the same way that we see the ring around the planet Saturn in our own Solar System!

 21. The Flying saucers are placed/stored one above the other on that distant planet in the manner that we place/store one box on the other box.

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