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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa

There indeed is a conflict of the political policies, political polities and political entities like the nation-States. All the talk of a clash or confluence is restricted only to the political realm. But, there isn't any Clash, Conflict or Confluence of civilizations. Only the "Congruence of Civilizations" exists in reality! The political realm isn't synonymous with the Civilization. It is just one element amongst numerous elements that constitute the entity called ‘the Civilization.'

Let us examine the dictionary meanings of these four terms, viz., Clash, Conflict, Confluence and Congruence. The ‘Clash' means the ‘encounter, disagreement, conflict.' The word ‘Conflict' in its noun form stands for the ‘fight, struggle or contest.' The meaning of the word ‘Confluence' is given as ‘a stream uniting with another concourse.' The word ‘Congruence' is defined as the ‘agreement' which in turn is further defined as the ‘correspondence, mutual understanding, harmony, resemblance, legal contract.'

Since times immemorial and on all space points, "Maanava Prkrte" [human nature]  has essentially remained the similar one. Why not? After all, all the "Maanavas" possess the same anatomy, i.e., two eyes, two hands, two legs, one nose, one head, etc. It means the somewhat similar bio-chemo-neurological make up of the physical body of any "Maanava", notwithstanding the external superficial phenotype differences.

Any given "Maanava" anywhere in the world has essentially the same physiological needs and psychological desires. These physiological needs and the psychological desires have over times crystallized in the shape of the development of civilizations like we speak of the Eastern Civilization and the Western Civilization.  

The "Civilization" results from a continuous process of the "Maanavas"  transforming themselves from an initial crude stage of behaviour into a more civilized or refined behaviour. The Peace and the Prosperity become the Twin Pillars of the Civilization instead of the destructive struggles, conflicts, fights and wars of all shades and hues amongst the "Maanavas" over a particular geographical space.

The religion is just one of the numerous facets of the edifice of the Civilization. It develops as per the local conditions, needs and requirements. The invention of the ‘Religion' is a reflection of the twin pillars. That's why no religion in its essence teaches the violence or the hatred and instead preaches the same universal virtue of the peace. Take for instance, the Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, etc.

All of these encourage "Maanavas" to live in peace and harmony with each other. So, it is obvious that there is no conflict or clash amongst these religions and as such by extension there is no conflict or clash of interests amongst Civilizations. Also, there is a resemblance amongst the values cherished by all these religions. All these religions are harmonious, mutually compatible in terms of the aforesaid underlying unity amongst all Civilizations.

The concept of the Confluence inherently implies the existence of the ‘divergent' or the ‘disharmonious' values which later come to a point where they merge into each other just like the two streams coming together to meet each other at a point. There is no question of the values cherished in all the Civilizations running differently and then later converging or coming to become one. These values are already present in the larger stream of "Maanavas" running endlessly.

These values or the water is the same. In one part of its journey along the path of the time, it is called the Hinduism. On other locations down the path of journey, it is called the Buddhism, the Christianity, the Islam, the Sikhism, etc. But, the point to remember here is that the "Maanavas" stream remains the same! Therefore it's a folly to say that there exists the concept of the Confluence of the Civilizations.

Thus, Huntington's famous theory of ‘a clash of Civilizations' and Man Mohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister's noble-intentioned theory of ‘a Confluence of Civilizations' are simply part explanations and that too of only a few facets of the bigger whole called the ‘Civilization'. In the ultimate analysis, we may sum up our brief discussion by concluding that neither the concept of the clash/conflict nor the concept of the Confluence but only the holy concept of the Congruence is the essence of all the Civilizations.

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