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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



"Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga".....Maa Jagadambaa


The Yoga isn’t merely doing of the physical exercises. A true practitioner of the true Yoga can achieve a lot. The yoga is a very useful tool for those in the scientific and medical professions. But, it requires total purity of one’s heart and mind besides doing the Yoga properly with the utmost devotion.


I did not wish to reveal. But, on second thought I realised it may help further the cause of the Yoga. So, I am revealing following two incidents relating to what the Yoga can help one achieve:

[1]. One of my disciples during one-Yoga session [in first quarter of the year 2008] had projected herself, under guidance, onto the Moon and found the existence of the water on the surface of the Moon. Now compare this with the NASA and Chandrayana’s discovery of the water on the Moon in 2009! Also, compare this with the bitter fight that had gone on between the Indian scientists and the NASA in the mass media to take credit for having discovered the water on the Moon first..............!

While on the Moon she took a walk around in the area where Neil Armstrong had landed for the first time in the modern human history. She touched the American flag lying there. She saw the things left behind there by Neil Armstrong. She took the Moon-sand in her palm and found it to be just like the RAETA [fine loose dry sand particles almost akin to that found on a dry sea-beach on the Earth].

[2]. Similarly, during the same yoga-session, the same disciple was made to project herself onto the planet Mars. To rule out the possibility of any play/trick by the human-mind of hers, the disciple was asked to stand in front of the cameras of the American Rover on the Mars. The idea was that her photo would be clicked by the camera of the Rover. It did happen. A few weeks later, the NASA, greatly puzzled, released photos taken by the American Rovers on the planet Mars showing some female human figure at a distance..............! The pictures taken by the NASA Rover were that of this female-Yogeenee soul only……………………….!


However, let it be known, now such Yoga experiments have altogether been stopped, since it uses a lot of hard-earned spiritual energy of the Yoga-practitioner.............! Also, this Yoga-energy is meant for helping the Yoga-practitioner progress on the path of the spiritual salvation and as such it’s not advisable for a general Yoga-practitioner to waste it away in the kind of the experiments quoted above. Such experiments must only be carried out (and that too within limits) only if the Yoga-practitioner has accumulated sufficient surplus spiritual/Yogic-energy.

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