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The Satyaa Paramaa Tatva Jyotee Bhakte Yoga Benefits

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA

The follower of the "Satyaa Paramaa Tatva Jyotee" Bhakte-Maarga [devotion-route] or "the SPTJ Yoga" is able to do the following easily:

1. Withdraw/retrace one's own consciousness from the toe - upwards to the 1000-petals lotus/crown chakra easily through the following two useful methods:

[1] The slow withdrawal of one's own consciousness upwards:

In this method, the spiritual seeker withdrawas one's own consciousness slowly step-by-step from fingers/toes of the feet upward slowly and finally to the Guru Chakra to experience the blissful state.

[2] The quick withdrawal of one's own consciousness to the crown chakra with the help of the Shabda, with the same ease with which any bird flies from the ground to the top of a nearby building (the same way that the great Kabira spoke of - "Shabda Vehangama Chaala Hamaaree"):

In this method, the practitioner concentrates on the heavenly sound [ SAARA-SHABDA] coming directly from above the top of the head and immerses one's consciousness into it completely till the practitioner is able to withdraw the consciousness out of the physical body.

In this blissful state, the practitioner experiences many wonderful events. The point to remember here is that the practitioner does not concentrate on the sound of the lower spiritual planes emanating from the third eye center.

What is this SAARA-SHABDA [SOUND] like? Well, the nearest approximation that I can give you is the sound that keeps coming from the SUN that has in the past been recorded by the Ulysses sent by the NASA.

I had learnt this Quick-Withdrawal technique on my own, the learning which in many ways burst the myth of the Gurudom. TO BE MORE HUMBLE, it would be more proper to say that the Supreme Consciousness or the Almighty had bestowed kindly/mercifully/benevolently  this secret/technique upon me.

2.Take/project one's own soul/consciousness out and travel outside one's own physical body to any place in this universe.

3.Experience the "Aprtema Aananada"  [the extraordinary happiness/bliss] by submerging one's own soul into "the super/supreme consciousness light".

4.Experience the spiritual journey while still being alive [Jeeveeta mareeyae, bhavajala tareeyae].

This Yoga must be done under the really trained and spiritually enlightened guide/master/expert.

Note: The SPTJ Bhaktee Yoga is different in several aspects from many Yogas like the Shiva Yoga being taught currently in India. For example, the Shiva Yoga doesn't teach the quick withdrawal of one's consciousness to the crown chakra or outside the physical human body with the help of the Shabda.

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