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Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA

1. The Introduction:

Is the "Hatha Yoga" merely the physical aspect within an extensive system of the spiritual practice? No, it isn't merely the physical aspect. Rather it is an integral WHOLE science touching upon all the facets of human life/aspects.


The Verse:

Tatvma Beejma Hathahaa Chhaetramoudaaseenyama jalma trebhehaa I

Unmanee Kalpalatekaa sadha ayava prvartatae II [Verse number 104]

{Source: "Hathayoga Prdeepekaa" {in Hindi language, edited by Dr. Chamanlal Gautam, 2005 Edition, Sanskrte Sansthaana, Khwaazaakutub [Vednagar], Baraeli -243003 [Uttar Pradesh].Phone: 474242}

The Meaning:

“Tatvma” means “Beejma” [SEED], “Hathahaa” means “Chhaetrama” [AGRICULTURAL FIELD], “Udaaseenyama” [INDIFFERENCE] means jalma [WATER].

In other words, the seed called PARAMA/AA TATVA is sown in the agricultural field called the HAATHAHAA [HUMAN BODY] and is given the water called “Udaaseenyama” or the INDIFFERENCE towards all sensory objects. These three produce the vine/creeper called “Unmanee” [a state of full deep meditation in which the seeker experiences the bliss of being oneself absorbed in the ultimate white light/Absolute/supreme-consciousness] which can give anything.

Thus, it should be fully obvious from the meaning explained above that the word “Hathahaa” stands for the Human Body.

2. The Elaboration:

I have placed before me the aforesaid book "Hathayoga Prdeepekaa." It has following 4 parts:

[1] Yama-Neyama, etc.and various Aasanas [physical postures]

[2] Praannaayaamas

[3] Kundalee-Bodha, Bandhas like Jaalandhara Bandha, etc., Mudraas

[4] Samaadhe [Mergence of the human soul into the Absolute]. This last section has material on Samaadhe, Raajayoga, Jeevanmukte signs, Shambhavee Mudraa, Unmanee Mudraa, Khaecharee Mudraa, Naada [its initial to last stage], PramaPada [Absolute-state] of the soul, etc.

3. The Explanation:

I will give you one example of the above by quoting the Sanskrta-verse number 59 from the above-referred book:

"Atha Naadaanusandhaanamayabhyaasaanukramo Hathae. I

Brhmachaaree Metaahaaree Tyagee Yogaparaayannaha. II

Abdaaduurdhva Bhavaetsedho Naatrakaaryaa Vechaarannaa. III59I"

The Meaning:

"After having done the sequential-practice of the Hatha [physical postures], one must investigate/practise the NAADA. The celibate, less-eater, absentee [one who abstains/sacrifices] and Yoga-busy [one who is busy doing the Yoga] person becomes a Sedha [Attained/Self-Realized] after one year's practice."

4. The Conclusion:

The Hatha-Yoga is an all inclusive holistic Complete Yoga.

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