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The Shaambhavee Shakte - The Top Secret Laid Bare

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA

The Introduction

1. The yogic technique of the Shaambhavee-Mudraa' is said to be one of the most powerful one amongst all the Healing-Yoga techniques. But, it is kept a TOP SECRET by the Yoga Experts, Masters and Gurus.

2. Also, it is fully secular in nature unlike what is being now a day taught as the Shaambhavee-Mudraa by certain Shiva Yoga experts. The Shiva Yoga Experts describe a methodology containing necessarily the invocation of the Hindu God Lord Shiva and the holy Sidhas, chanting of the hymns in praise of the Lord Shiva, and concentrating on a stone structure called Sumaeru, etc.

3. In reality, there is no need to follow any God/Goddess. All that one is required to do is to tap oneself into the universal reservoir of the energy.

4. The original Sanskrit text ‘Gheranda Samhita' carries five verses, serial numbers 64 to 68 regarding the ‘Shaambhavee-Mudraa' in the Third Lesson titled ‘Atha Mudraakathanama.'

You may see the original text for these verses [I have relied on 'The Gheranda Samhita' translated into English by Rai-Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu, SSP edition 1979, published first in the year 1914-15]. However, I found a few words not correctly translated. Hence, I have attempted to give the correct English translation of these four relevant and important verses as follows:

1. The verse number 64 tells - keeping the focus inwardly between the two eyes symmetrically, examine/observe the ‘RAMA of the Soul - that is the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA - kept a SECRET in all the TANTRAs.

2. The verse number 65 says - The Vedas, the Shaastras, The Puraananns are like ordinary public women - Keep the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA secret like keeping a daughter-in-law of the respectable family a SECRET/AWAY FROM the public gaze.

3. The verse number 66 says - The one who is an expert in the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA is definitely the Aadenaatha, the Naaraayana one self and the creator Brhmaa.

4. The verse number 67 says - True, true, again true, True, the one who knows the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA is the True Liberator/Truly Liberated Maheshawara, Brahmaa- the one who knows the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA is not otherwise/other than these two.

You can notice clearly that the above verses don't explain the following points

1. Who is the RAMA of the SOUL?
2. How can mere observing the RAMA of the SOUL be the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA?
3. How is one to examine/observe the RAMA of the Soul?
4. How the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert can be Aadenaatha, Naaraayanna, Brhmaa?
5. How the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert can be the True Liberator/Truly Liberated Maheshawara?
To my mind, following are the point-wise answers

1. The universal energy reservoir/white light from which the soul comes is referred to here as the RAMA.
2. The word SHAMBHAVEE means the power/faculty to see. The word MUDRAA means the physical posture. Thus, it is clear now that the practitioner examines/observes/sees the universal white light in the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA.
3. After sitting in the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA, close both eyes. Take the breath in from both of the nostrils. Bring your breath in the SHAKTEEBRHAMAANDA [skull/brain] area and retain it for a duration with which you are totally comfortable and safe. Then, Focus on the third eye-centre. There, if you are lucky enough and have done sufficient practice, you will see the huge ocean of the bright light and nothing else. Examine this light. See its ratio compared to the darkness around. Slowly, concentrate only on the light. You will now see only bright light in front of you. This is the most powerful universal energy manifesting itself in reality right in front of you.
4. The SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert can be Aadenaatha, Naaraayanna, Brhmaa. These are the different names for the creator of this universe, in the Hindu mythology. The SHAAMBHAVI-MUDRAA Expert can create whatever one desires, like creating the successful conditions and environment for getting success in life, creating good health by removing illness, etc.
5. According to the Shiva Yoga, the soul gets liberation by merging into the Absolute called lord Shiva, as the Lord Shiva is said to be the liberated Absolute So, the Lord Shiva is said to be the True Liberator and the Truly Liberated one. The SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert can become like the True Liberator Maheshawara by helping other organisms/people get rid of their KARMIC LOAD and by activating their own Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field so as to help them have the SHAAMBHAVEE SHAKTE [power].


1. The SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert becomes one with the universal-energy-reservoir [UER] when such practitioner retains the breath in the SHAKTEEBRHAMAANDA [skull/brain] area.
2. The SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert then can do the healing or removing of the illness of any one even sitting away at a great physical distance. In this case, visualize the patient. The malfunctioning body parts shall be visible as the BLACK mass. Go on mentally removing the dark patches and spots from the patient's visualized body for minimum three hours continually [not necessarily continuously at one single stretch]daily for 3-7 days minimum. You don't have to chant anything. Just think that just looking at the figure, these ill-spots are getting removed like a black layer being removed from a bright white light surface.
3. The SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert can imagine the presence of one's desired/ dreamt-for- objects, objectives, goals which can range from materialistic to the spiritual ones. Later, these start manifesting in reality in the real life for the successful SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert in this very world itself.
4. You may lay on your bed with your head placed comfortably on a pillow in the night time when there is absolute calm in case you can't sit in the Sidha asana. Then perform the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA.

The Example

Making use of the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA, a practitioner was able to help a person regain his eye-sight fully despite the practitioner and the healing-receiver being separated by thousands of kilometers across two continents in two geographically opposite parts of the earth.

The Desirable DO's

1. Lead a morally and spiritually good life.
2. Have a staunch faith in the UER.
3. Practice the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA in the Sidha asana under the guidance of some really competent and fully knowledgeable Yoga-Master, Expert or Guru even if these people don't know anything about the HSAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA technique described above.
4. Practice the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA daily for an hour.
5. Always express gratitude to the person from whom you have read, learnt or mastered the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA, before and after every session.
6. Always express gratitude to the UER [or any God, Goddess/other spiritual entity you may be believing-in], before and after every session.
7. Always express gratitude to your own soul, before and after every session.
8. Always forgive genuinely your own self, forgive others and seek forgiveness from others mentally before every session.
9. Perform regularly the charity acts like feeding the birds, giving medicines to the needy, etc.

The Precautions

1. Always desire only the noble objects, objectives, goals.
2. Never try to create harm for any one because then the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA Expert is more likely to be denied an access to the UER by the UER itself.
3. Before trying the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA, the practitioner must be thoroughly proficient in and must have performed the PRAANNA-SHODHANA KREYAA.
4. Retain your breath in the SHAKTEEBRHAMAANDA [skull/brain] area only for a duration of time with which your body is comfortable and safe. Otherwise, you may die in case of the silver chord snapping due to retention of the breath in the SHAKTEEBRHAMAANDA [skull/brain] area beyond comfortable and safe level.
5. Don't deplete your spiritual energy level deplorably and harmfully by trying to change the whole world all alone.

The Limitations

1. The human life period of 100 years is generally and obviously too short a span of time to keep practicing the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA in order to change the whole world into the good from the bad. So, the wiser option is to make its use for personal desires and helping those few around you deem to be the needy ones.

2. Any single individual alone cannot change the fate of the whole world through the SHAAMBHAVEE-MUDRAA.

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