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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:38



Satyaa Paramaa Tattva Jyotee Bhakte [SPTJB]Yoga is a unique YOGA

'The Red’ and not ‘the White’ is the colour of the Peace in our human life.

‘The White’ is the colour in the Supreme Consciousness-stage, Puurnna Brhma-stage.

In the visible spectrum, the frequency decreases and the wavelength increases as one moves from ‘the Violet’ to ‘the Red’ along the VIBGYOR band in the visible portion of the spectrum.

V means Violet.

I means Indigo.

B means Blue.

G means Green.

Y means Yellow.

O means Orange.

R means Red.

The maximum frequency and the shortest wavelength is seen at the V-band. The R-band has the minimum frequency and the maximum wavelength.

When the human mind is in a state of deep meditation then it experiences the minimum number of disturbances or frequency. In deeper calmer states, the human mind becomes increasingly more powerful and accordingly its power to heal the body keeps increasing manifold as one moves from the Violet band of the spectrum towards the Red band of the visible spectrum.

Consider the following two facts that have been observed during the Saadhana Sheveras on the spiritual-practitioners:

1. When the Sanjeevanee Healing Shakte is invoked then it has been observed that the Aura-Photographs taken of the practitioners show the Violet light over the heads of the practitioners.

2. When the Shambhavee Healing Shakte is invoked then it has been observed that the Aura-Photographs taken of the practitioners show the Golden (Yellow) light over the heads of the practitioners. This was observed especially in one Yoga camp at Ahmedabad conducted by one eminent Yoga Master.

The point to note here is that the healing becomes more powerful or effective when one invokes the Shambhavee Healing Shakte than when one invokes the Sanjeevanee Healing Shaktee. Here, one can see clearly that there is a shift from the Violet band of the visible spectrum [Sanjeevanee Healing Shakte] to the Golden or the Yellow (Shambhavee Healing Shakte) band on it.

So, the mind is more in the Peace at the Red band in the visible spectrum.

It’s a known scientific fact that the human mind generates four kinds of brain waves: Beta (13- 40 cycles per second) – Associated with the waking state, Alpha (8-13 cycles per second]- Associated with the light meditation and the day dreaming, Theta (4-7 cycles per second) – Associated with the Dreaming, Extra-Sensory Perception [ESP], Creativity and Delta (1/2 - 4 cycles per second) – Associated with the Deep Sleep, Deep Consciousness.

Thus, one may conclude logically that the TRUE colour of the Peace is ‘the Red’ colour. May be preferably ‘the Rose-Red’?


I had attended few months back a Yoga-congregation led by an eminent Yoga-Teacher. The Aura-photographs described here in the instant discussion were showed by this Yoga-Teacher. The said Yoga-Teacher claimed that the Golden colour in the Aura-photographs of his Saadhakas showed clearly that the colour of the Supreme Consciousness-Stage is Golden and not the White.
However, the claim of the said Yoga-Teacher does not seem to be valid on the following grounds:
1. Everything in this universe is fully logical and scientific. It's an altogether different issue whether we humans are able to under this fact or not.
2. The Golden colour in the said Aura-photographs only indicates that the inferior-Shaambhavee that is being taught by this said Yoga-Teacher is of a lower level of consciousness only. On the fully higher level of consciousness, the Aura-Photgraphs of the suprior-Shaambhavee must show the bright luminosity [JYOTEE].
3. In terms of the VIBGYOR, the Shaambhavee-Aura-Photgraphs showing Red colour must definitely indicate a higher level of consciousness than the Golden-Aura-Photgraph stage.

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