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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism

I  really am  happy for belonging to this spiritual enlightened Hindu Site. There was a lot of time I was looking for a place like this. I had this dream: to be able to publish my texts in a genuine Hindu Site. An honor! A grace! Of course I asked to Brahman such an opportunity and He made me to meet Here I knew several Gurus and now I watch them in my television! And I also listen to in my radio Bhajans, Mantras and so on ... I have had the pleasure to realize that many people have read my texts ( more than 1500 visits in only a month!) which means , at least to me, a great success , because I am a new member! Someone so gentile posted a positive commentary in my text about Sad Guru, a true spiritual joy to me! Yeah! I am a simple person, and like a child I feel genuine happiness when something it pleases me. But I know the glory is not mine but it must be given to Brahman! He is the blesser! In Him we find true happiness, true protection, true love... I don't know who is behind of but I wanna let here my thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Let's continue writing! Let's continue publishing! Let's continue give to the reader this pleasure and to Brahman this glory! Jaya Brahman! Jaya Brahman! Ramdev Baba.

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