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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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The most incredible thing that someone can say about a person is: he is Shiva's manifestation! She is Parvati's manifestation! How can we explain it? Which is it the meaning of these words? Shiva's  manifestation?! Parvati's manifestation?! Yes!  There is no mistery in this! Every human being is, indeed, a God's incarnation! And according to his or her personality (whose it's like God's personality in one of His carnal manifestation)  he or she is able to live among other human beings - distributing blessings...  We can say about  such person  that  he or she is an Avatar! A conscious God's manifestation among us! Someone said elsewhere that Sai Baba was a Shiva's manifestation, a Shiva's Avatar. It would be true according to his consciousnes about how much he was able to realize God in him! Now! According to the  miracles that he performed  to the world around him, He was not a common being! In fact, no person is common: you reader my brother, you reader my sister, you are an Avatar too! You are also  a God's incarnation! I am a God's incarnation! Oh! God is incarnated in this land! Our boss is a God's incarnation. Our wife is a God's incarnation! Our children are God's incarnation! The Bramane is a God's incarnation and the Shudra is also a God's incarnation! But , we know it through our intellect: we should know it - through our soul! We should realize it through our spiritual realization! For achieving this goal two things are necessary: a deep study about Avatar doctrine, and meditation, meditation and meditation! You reader, would you say with  safety which  God's manifestation  would you show according to your personality? Which God would you be an Avatar?

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