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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism
At your feet Oh! Brahman
I put myself utterly , utterly,
Because I want to lose me
Into the most incredible Samadhi!

Yeah! Samadhi is my goal!
I wanna join myself in you!
But I am able to be more clear:
I wanna to accomplish the Understanding,

I wanna accomplish the Unity:
You and me - we are not separate!
As Sri Shankaracharya said
I am Brahman! I am Brahman!

Oh! Marvelous monism! Dualism
Is just an illusion! We are flames!
Brahman's flames into the perishable flesh
We are a small part of Him!

Bless me Oh! Brahman, bless me!
Bless me with your Darshan!
Allow me Oh! Lord to see you
With your four heads - Oh! Creator!

And , whether I am Brahman
I want to salute all my friends
Because they are Brahman too!
And my mother and father!

And my sister and my brother
My wife , my son and my daughter:
Oh! Brahman is in all the places!
Everywhere we look at - there Brahman is!

Brahman is as an energy inside the tree!
Brahman is as an energy inside the cow!
Because Brahman is Prana, Life
The whole world is full of Brahman!

Ramakrishna saw it - and cried!
 Also Vivekananda and Ramana Maharish! 
Rabindranath Tagore wrote his poems
Through Brahman's inspiration!

OM OM OM - I cannot, I cannot
I cannot hold myself indifferently...
OM OM OM - Brahman! Brahman!

Om sat chit ekam Brahman!!!

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