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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



This blog is created to aproach all subject about Hinduism

When we are born , a Guardian spirit escorts us until the end of our lives. He is called Guardian Angel. We should keep a close relationship with him! His mission is to protect us , to guide us and so on... So we should be very very sensitive to his presence. He speaks to us , then we should deeply listen to him! For listening this true friend , our intuition should be deeply developed by prayers! He speaks to us through dreams for instance, while we are sleeping, or through a person who gives us important advices. For sure we would be free of many pains, and ( why not?) free even - of the death!

I cannot imagine better friendship than we may keep with our Guardian Angel. If we are going to a bank where thieves will accomplish an assault , He makes us to go to another place instead of going there! If we are going on a street where there is a dangerous dog, He makes us to go to another direction.

You dear reader, are you listening to your Guardian Angel? I hope so! He is perfectly able to set you free of a terrible storm and even of the death. Jaya Jaya - Guardian Angel! Accept please our prayer to you!

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