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Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



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For sure I've to thank God because of my great sympathy! I was traveling by plane some days ago, and when I was going out from the aircraft, the board stewardess (a beautiful girl) said to me: how you are sympathetic! I said thanks to her and said to my son: this smile and these words that she said are the symbol of my arriving. This is a blessing to my new life here! And really it was a blessing because my new life would develop itself through my personality! When a man is extremely communicative, he indeed never will pass through serious problems! He always will find out a way to overcome them!   If you are sympathetic no one will ask to you if you did some college for getting your degree about sympathy! You will be able to work in any place where your sympathy may suit itself.   In another way, we may say that this sympathy other thing is not if not the reflex of our spiritual life! It is the reflex of our spiritual happiness, the reflex of our spiritual realization! Such sympathy, such happiness it comes from our soul, directly from our soul! May be that happiness whose Buddha said he felt! And this happiness makes us attractive. Then it is right that some people will ask: where did you get such happiness from?  They will not understand which despite the world is burning, you are happy!  They may be religious persons but they will not understand such mental state!   Contentment... Only contentment and nothing else! Something that cannot go away from you, from your soul, despite the suffering in the whole world. Of course, this is not an egoistic attitude that comes from me, nor from any person who feels such blessed state, but it occurs because the soul isn't surrendered to the world happenings! The realized soul lives in eternal joy, because joy is its normal state of being!   The best work that someone may do it's to awake such state of mind in the fellows, if they have interest on this!  And for awakening such state of mind, one must live some time beside the fellows, because such energy will naturally arise from himself (supposed he is a man) while he is talking, and this will provoke the same energy that is sleeping still into the fellows.   This will be a great opportunity, a true blessing, because there are people whom live into a so sad mental state, so far from  happiness, so firmly plunged into the dark waters of the worst mental states, that sometimes we don't have the right word to describe it.  A true charity towards the suffered people, whom, sometimes, don't know they are into a deep suffering! They think such dark mental state is common! They never were living a clear mental state! And then, to finish, when they live such marvelous mental state, they think they are into a true paradise!

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