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The month of Saawan is also known as Shrawan Mas.

The month of Saawan is also known as Shrawan Mas. This month is considered to be the most sanctified in Hindu calendar. Each Monday (Somvar) of this month is known as Shrawan /saawan somvar, is specially dedicated to lord Shiva. On these Mondays, people arrive at the Shiva temple and offer prayers and worship the pious form of Shiva, Shiv ling. Shiva devotees do strict fast for the whole month of Saawan or many observe only on Mondays. The whole month is immersed in the devotion of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati in different ways. The main Shrawan Puja is performed by worshipping Shivling with Gangajal, and many devotees assemble Gangajal from the sacred river and offer it to the shivling , they are called Kavadiyaa. They have to follow many strict rules while observing this ritual; they walk bare foot throughout this period.

Shrawan/ Saawan is known as the month of festivals, it is considered to be the most pious month as it also marks the beginning of Hindu festivals including Teej, Dashain, Tihar, Nag Panchami , Raksha Bandhan and many more. Thus, this month has its own significance as it is dedicated to Devo ke dev Mahadev. It is believed that unmarried women who wear mehendi or green bangles and worship Shiva can have an ideal husband. But do you know why this month is considered to be the special one for Lord Shiva. There is a story which is said to be associated with Shrawan month and Lord Shiva.

According to the story, When Devi Sati left her body in her father house with yog power. Before this Sati did sankalpa that she would get Mahadev as her husband in every birth. And in an incarnation of Sati, she took birth in the form of Parvati. She took very hard penance and fasting in the whole month of Saawan. This made Lord Shiva happy and he married to Parvati. Therefore, Saawan is regarded as the pious month to lord Shiva. And because of this reason it is said that unmarried girl take fasting to get desired husband. There is another story related to Lord Shiva and Shrawan month.

 According to the Mythological story, the Samundra Manthan took place in the month of Sawan and in which fourteen different types of rubies came out. Among which thirteen of these were distributes amongst the demons and Devas, except poison (vish). Lord Shiva was the one who drank all the poison and stored in his throat. But Lord Shiva fainted and Brahma Ji did his Abhishek with the Holy water of Ganga to lesser the effect of poison. Hence the name Neelkantha is attributed to Shiva. Since, this happened in the month of Sawan, devotees offer the Ganges water in this month.

It is also considered that during this month Lord Vishnu along with other Gods goes into deep sleep, except Lord Shiva. Therefore, everyone pray and worship Lord Shiva in the pious month of Saawan.

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