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A symbol of Saffron Flag in Hinduism

Friday, 16 September 2016 22:39



Have you ever visited temple? If yes, then you might have noticed a saffron flag on the top of the temple.

Have you ever visited temple? If yes, then you might have noticed a saffron flag on the top of the temple. But you never tried to find out that why this flag is common in all temples.  Every single thing associated with temple has a significant reason. And today we will learn about the Saffron Flag on the top of the temple.


In Hindi, Saffron Flag is known as Bhagwa Dhwaja, which is seen in every temple s Gumbad. It is the symbol of Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Culture. The Word Bhagwa means Bhagwan (God). It stands for wealth, dharma, knowledge, wisdom, peace, joy, contentment, stability. Another importance is that the flag is in orange color which shows the rising of Sun that eliminates darkness and spreads light all around. A Flag is look like a two tilted triangles meting each other in the mid. It has also been used as an official flag by many Hindu Kingdoms with different epitome like Sun, Wheel, and Om printed on it. But in the temples a flag is printed with a symbol of Om.

Bhagwa Dhwaja is one of the most important symbols for Hindus. The saffron flag symbolizes sacrifice. The sacrifice has also a great importance in Hinduism. The saffron color is the color of the fire and flames and the fire is considered to be the great purifier and all sacrifices are also offered to the fire. Thus, it stands for the principle of sacrifice.  The sacrifice has been made for nation, family, religion, righteousness, truth etc. Saffron is a symbol of purity, it represents religious value. It is also a color of saints, who have renounced the world. Wearing saffron color signifies the quest of knowledge of Godhead. Saffron is the color of fire and fire burns away the darkness and brings light and it is symbolic of knowledge. Fire also shows the spirit of Yag (hawan) which is important to self knowledge. And thus, a flag occupies an important place in our religion and temple is the only place which has the actual right to host a Bhagwa Dhwaja.  


The flag has existed and teach us the vedic right from its origin. The fire is also regarded as a symbol of ancient vedic rights.  In ancient times, the warriors used to put on saffron robes and fight in the battlefield. It was an honorable status for a kingdom to host a flag in the victory. The people in the ancient times used to worship the sun because it was the source of energy, light and heat without which a human cannot live on this Earth. The Bhagwa Dhwaja inspires us to live the life full of sublime virtues based on sacrifice, establishment and service. 


The shape of the flag consist two tilted triangles, the upper triangle being shorter than the lower one. The triangle signifies the rising flames of burning fire. The flames rise in the upward direction which teaches us to rise like it above and always become better than before. Your competition is only with you and you have to beat yourself this perspective would help you to rise like a flag in the upward direction.        

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