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It is said that God resides everywhere.

It is said that God resides everywhere. The whole world is created by God and he is present in every living entity be it a human being or an animal or plants, he live in us and therefore it is said do not be harsh to others, do not be cruel to animals because unintentionally we are hurting God. In Hinduism, it is believed, temple is the real home to every God and Goddess therefore we go to the temple at every auspicious occasion or to take his blessings.  But do you know that God dwells in our hands as well. Yes it is true; it is believed that the Goddess lives in our palms. It is said that looking at your palms after to wake up in the morning is like receive blessings from the God. By doing this, God showers his grace on you and gives you strength to overcome every awful circumstance. Let s try to find out the secret behind our palms.

A first thing that you have to do after waking up is to look at your both palm, chanting the mantra “Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi, Karamadhye Saraswati, Karamule Tu Shakti, Prabhat Kara Darshanam”, then rub both your hands together            and move the palms slowly over your face, covering heads, shoulders, arms and legs, by doing this gives you a shield which eliminates all the negative energies and brings positive one which makes your whole day energetic and positive. By practicing this daily, you may find a drastic change in you itself. It also helps you to stabilize your blood pressure. Scientifically, when we get up after such a long sleep of around 7-8 hours, and if you suddenly get up, there can be a pressure drop in the brain and this is known to be the most significant factor in the early morning strokes. Thus, when you chant a mantra and see your hands for around 2-3 minutes which is sufficient to get your brain use to new blood pressure.   


In the above mantra, it is mentioned that the forepart of the palm or finger is Maa Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity), in the middle of the palm is Maa Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge), and on the base of the palm or the wrist is Maa Shakti (the goddess of power) but it is also believed that the Govinda (the god of life) also resides in it. Now you might be in quest that why these specified section is dedicated to these goddess. Actually, Maa Lakshmi is in our fingers because all we use our fingers to do to make resources, create or earn them, we can hold things in our hands and make tools or produce other output as well. The significance of fingers and thumbs are very essential in part of earning resources therefore it is said that Maa Lakshmi resides in the forepart of the palm. 


Maa Saraswati dwells in the middle part of the palm because the destiny is in our palms. And we make our own destiny with knowledge and wisdom, therefore the goddess of knowledge resides there. At last, Maa Shakti or Govinda lives on the base of the palm or can say wrist, the power to use the hands is from the wrist where the Maa Shakti lies. She is the most important one, she powers the other two. It is impossible to achieve anything without the use of power or energy to work efficiently.

The divine manifestation is divided in three main categories - creation (karta), sustenance (bharta), transformation (harta). And all these are powered by the three goddesses, and all these three powers are right there in your hand. The entire power of this universe - create, sustain and transform - is in your hands. Be glad you have your hands; think for a moment if you did not, it will be like you were without the divine force.

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