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A brief life of Shri Gopal Mani Maharaj, revered by the Supreme God, Gauta Ganga Deityakankshi: - His Holiness Sant Gopal Mani Ji was born in Goshala on 5th June, 1958 in the middle of the Himalayan Uttarakhand's holy land, Badshi village, Patti Gammari, Janata, Uttarakakshi. Your mother's name was Mrs. Rameshwari Devi and your father's name was Pt. Shri Dhani Ramji. You drank cow's milk till the age of 11. You passed the first class examinations from Class 5 to Acharya. On receiving the first class in the examination of Class 5, the then U.P. Government provided Rs. 11 per student. Pratma to Shastri, Sanskrit, Srikakashi University, Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand, Himalaya, Examination of Acharya with grammar subject and passed the first class from Education Shastri Kashi University, Benaras. In your childhood, only a divine Mahatma appeared, who did not eat or drink. Only sitting in Padmasan was lost in Brahmchantan. They stayed with you for 3 days, later Mahatma ji became invisible. You fasted in your lifetime, chanting, penance, yagna, rituals fasting. Once, you kept fast for 11 months. You used to live in cowshed only. They did not sleep or used to sing. Only in 24 hours you used to drink paun glass milk.

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