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Kedarnath Temple is located in the lap of the Himalaya mountain in Uttarakhand. With the involvement of twelve jyothirlingas, it is also one of the four Dham and Panch Kedar. Badrinath and Kedarnath in Uttarakhand are two main pilgrimages, both of them have great significance. Regarding Kedarnath, it is written that the person who travels to Badrinath without seeing Kedarnath, his journey fails. All the sins are destroyed only with the Kardar Nath and the Nar-Narayan-Murthy vision. It is believed that Lord Vishnu has two incarnations called Nar Narayan. They do penance in the Badricharram shrine of India year. Both of them made Parthiv Shivling and were situated in it, praying Lord Shambhu for worshiping. Being Shiva devotees, they used to come every day to be worshiped in their created goddess gender. When many days passed by the worship of both of them, then Lord Shiva once pleased and requested both of them to pray for the groom. Both of them said to the welfare of the people - Deveshwar! If you are happy and if you want to give up, then you should be in the same position to take the form of worship in your form. From then onwards, Lord Shiva is known to be famous as the name of Kedarneshwar himself. Lord Shiva gives covetous objects to the worshipers and devotees who visit the Kedareshwar and their sadness in the dream becomes rare.


Kedarnath Temple is built on a six feet high square terrace. Pramakshina Path is around the main part of the temple, pavilion and sanctuary. Nandi Bulls are in the vicinity of the outside courtyard. There is no authentic mention of who built the temple. But it is said that this temple built with stones and curtain style was built by Pandava Vansi Janmayya. The self-made Shivling located here is very ancient. Adi Shankaracharya restored this temple This temple is a wonderful and attractive sample of architecture. In the temple's womb, the pointed rock is worshiped in the eternal form of Lord Shiva. The Kadat Aries of Kedarnath Temple open fifteen days before Sankranti and on the worship of the four nights of Balraj near Agahan Sankranti and at Bhaiya Dooz, at four o'clock in the morning, the Kadat is closed with the cemeteries of the lotus lotus and Vestra Go.


There are Gandhi Sarovar and Vasuki Taal near Kedarnath. To reach Kedarnath, by secretly reaching Rudraprayag, 20 km Next to Gauri Kund, by motorway and 14 km Traveling through medium and fast shields, have to be done by walking.


The temples are built on the Ghat of Mandakini, there is a dark darkness inside and with the help of lamp, there is the philosophy of Shankar ji. On behalf of the front, the travelers offer water purifiers and, on the other hand, offer blood to the Lord with a bow, and the idol is four cubits long and one and a half cubits wide. There are huge idols of five Pandavas including Draupadi in the courtyard of the temple. There are several troughs behind the temple; In the morning, the Shiva-Nand is naturally bathed and ghee is levered on it. After that, the aarti is lit by burning incense in the lamp. At this time passengers and ganas can enter the temple and worship them, but in the evening god is made to be made. They are decorated in a variety of ways. Only the devotees can see it from a distance. It is believed that Kedareshwar is liberated from the bondage of birth and death from the worship and philosophy of man. 


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