Jeevan Parichay


A perennial question that plagues the minds of all religiously and spiritually inclined people is that, 'How does one recognise a true Guru?' A true Guru is one who enlightens us about the treasures we have buried within ourselves, is instrumental in their expressions and eventually leads us to the realisation of the whole, Purnatva. Through intellectual introspection, many souls have found this definition befitting Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai Pandya and have been introduced to their own selves! Pujyashree Bhai, with his vast knowledge, lucid manner of presentation and proficiency in Sanskrit and English has been able to cross the barriers of language and touch innumerable lives. He possesses the rare ability of rationally interpreting the eternal principles and focussing on the applied aspect of religion with the theory rather than mere story telling. He does not stop at explanation but also suggests as to how these time-tested principles can be incorporated in our daily life so that we can experience a richer and wholesome life. Moreover there is a glow in his eyes, warmth in his words and the distinctive ability in his speech to strike the right chord in our heart, which lovingly invite us into the world of spirituality. Through this unique approach he has carved a niche in hearts of people world over, especially youngsters who till now looked down upon religion and considered it senseless. From the manner in which He speaks it is evident that whatever is being told is not simply read out aloud but greatly lived!! Pujyashree Bhai has, thus, been instrumental in bestowing religion the pedestal it so rightly deserves. Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai does not consider himself superior to another person or to any other form of life, as he sees divinity in all forms of life and honors it. He believes that the configuration of energy of the soul that formed it is unique and hence, each individual in this universe is unique. Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai has contributed effectively to the qualitative transformation of mankind. It is under his divine guidance that many institutions such as the Satkarma Parivar, Satkarma Mission USA and Satkarma Mission UK are active in uplifting the lives of the handicapped, and underprivileged by offering medical, social, educational, and spiritual aid. Pujyashree Bhai has held many seminars, especially for youngsters every year across the globe. Participants not only of Indian origin but even the ones with their roots in the western soil are attending these events and are showing a keen interest in how they can apply ancient religious practices in contemporary times. Indeed, Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai represents the fountain of 'Triveni'- knowledge based on the scriptures, clarity of thought and compassion for fellow human beings.

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